The Eyes Of Mars – Music Video

I added screencaptures and the clip of the full-length music video for the Franz Ferdinand song The Eyes of Mars which was used for the New York Dior campaign. Marion looks great as a rock star!

Apparently, the music video & the song were “only” a back up option since Marion’s busy schedule made it impossible to film a proper short film continuing the story that was introduced by the Olivier Dahan directed ‘Lady Noire Affair‘. The planned ‘Lady Rouge Affaire‘ short film would have been released at the end of 2009. Getting this gorgeous music video at the beginning of March 2010 instead wasn’t a bad alternative at all, I say!

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Video: 001 Music Videos > Lady Dior – The Eyes of Mars


5 Comments on “The Eyes Of Mars – Music Video”

  1. HI Mia! Such a pleasure hearing from you! I’ve been looking to this page every day waiting for new updates, despite the information is in google it’s not the same if it’s teld my another!
    I wish you are now more relaxed.

    PS: If i want to send you something (it’s an article of marion published here, in a spanish diary), how can I do it?
    PS2: sorry if i did mistakes spelling or gramatically, my english stills being a bit poor!

  2. Welcome back Mia and hope you are well! I’ve been also checking your site everyday so I’m absolutely happy to see some updates of Marion. THANK YOU and wish you a relaxing weekend.

  3. Hi Mia,

    Welcome back. I’ve certainly missed you. I posted up on the yuku board – Marion thread, that I’ve missed your regular posts. I do hope all is well with you.

    Stay well in the meantime.


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