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Lady Blue Shangai – The poem: It holds the love

Be sure to visit for yet another clip ahead of the May 15 release of the full David Lynch-directed Lady Blue short film.

It features the full footage of Marion Cotillard reciting the poem ‘It holds the love‘ as well as some blurry preview scenes and the full credits. And are those the red curtains (around 4 minutes into the video) Marion referred to in the Another interview (quoted here)?

As always some good quality screencaptures can be found in the gallery:

111 Shanghai – Lady Blue > Lady Blue – The Poem

Why Shanghai and why the Pearl Tower?
John Galliano: In each city we chose an iconic location that not only was very symbolic of the city, but also mirrored the Dior canage technique that defines the Lady Dior bag itself. In the David Lynch film Marion is reciting a poem that he wrote, and was inspired by the Pearl Tower itself – the words and building fuse in the picture he paints on screen. Shanghai is such a vibrant and inspiring city – plus it’s where we will be staging our Cruise 2010 collection. I wanted to pick cities that had a link with Dior, as well as a link with style… Dior is global what better way than these collaborations to show it!

And a second brief preview

I added a second brief clip which serves as a preview and making of for the forthcoming David Lynch-directed Lady Dior short movie. Also replaced the previous screencaptures with bigger ones.

055 Shanghai – Lady Blue > Lady Blue Affair – The Sequences

Preview of new Lady Dior short movie added a new clip: it’s a mixture of preview and behind the scenes footage of the upcoming Lady Dior short movie directed by David Lynch and set in Shanghai. Click away to see Marion dancing!

041 Shanghai – Lady Bleue > Lady Bleue Affair – The Sequences

Marion Cotillard to film in Veracruz?

Last Friday, many Spanish websites reported that the governor of Veracruz, Mexico, Fidel Herrera Beltrán announced that they will received the producers of a Marion Cotillard movie this past Thursday and that she will be filming in Veracruz (source). Before long, they will also meet with Marion herself according to this. Many thanks Nadine for the heads up!

I have no idea what this could be about. Maybe ‘Second Coming‘ – for which she is also a producer – or possibly her documentary about re-forestation projects? What are your thoughts?

'Nine' Blu-ray Screencaptures

I added screencaptures of Marion’s scenes as Luisa Contini in ‘Nine‘ which was released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK earlier this week. I’ll cap the extras at a later point.

798 Nine – 2009 > Blu-ray Screencaptures

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