Power of Performance

AnOther Magazine have put up exclusive content of their new Summer/Spring 2010 issue featuring Marion Cotillard on the cover up on their website. Very interesting is the behind the scenes video of Marion’s “Fashion Performance” – very much in context with the issue’s title Power of Performance.

Inspired by her powerful and chameleon-like portrayals, we decided to cast Marion Cotillard in our very own Fashion Performance. The current Lady Dior proved to the world she was master of both film and fashion when she elegantly carried off that Jean Paul Gaultier mermaid dress on the night she won Best Actress for her role as Édith Piaf. We looked to the work of the 1960s Fluxus movement to inform this one-off performance, full of intriguing yet unexplained meanings. In AnOther Magazine 18 the narrative continues in an interview, where Cotillard reveals her heroes, her passions, and the contents of her handbag.

And this is what editor in chief Jefferson Hack says about Marion:

Everyone fell in love with her on the shoot. As an actress, Marion Cotillard is the consummate performer. A dream to work with — almost too good to be true.
• source: T Magazine Blog

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