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Feb 2010
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Coinciding with Saturday’s César Ceremony, which Marion will be president of, Madame Figaro feature Marion Cotillard on the cover with an absolutely gorgeous new photoshoot! Ahead of the magazine’s release the lovely Mariana has donated exclusive scans. Thank you so very much & enjoy! 009 Madame Figaro (France) – February 27

Feb 2010
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The talented Arina contributed some icons for our site. Feel free to use them in our forum or for your personal use but don’t forget to credit Arina. Thank you! Note: All our icons have the name of their respective creators in their filename, so once you’ve saved the graphic to your computer it will be very easy to see who needs to be credited. 002 Icons > Lady Dior

Feb 2010
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I added some scans from French publications released at the end of 2009. The Figaro Scope and TGV Magazine both feature outtakes from the breathtakingly beautiful 2009 June Madame Figaro shoot. 001 Figaro Scope (France) – December 16, scanned by Kelly 005 Paris Match (France) – December 23 001 Elle (France) – December 24 005 TGV Magazine (France) – December/January Kindly do not redistribute these scans at another Marion Cotillard

Feb 2010
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Probably before attending the Paris ‘Nine‘ Premiere (more on that later) Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz and Daniel Day-Lewis appeared on Le Grand Journal and the following Le Petit Journal last Thursday evening. I added screencaptures and clips. Enjoy! Gallery: 354 Talk Shows > Le Grand Journal – 2010 Video: 002 Talk Shows > Le Grand & Petit Journal

Feb 2010
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I added scans of the two French magazines currently featuring Marion Cotillard on the cover. Both magazines used pictures from the same portrait session. Here are the links to the French interviews: • Marion, la méga star, Elle, February 12, 2010 • Marion Cotillard la belle Américaine, Paris Match, February 18 007 Scans from 2010 > Elle (France) – February 12 009 Scans from 2010 > Paris Match (France) –