'Nine' will be Birthday Special Gala Screening in Berlin

3 years after getting international recognition when ‘La Vie en Rose‘ celebrated its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival, Marion Cotillard could actually come back to Germany. Yesterday, the festival announced their line-up for the “Berlin Special” Gala screenings at the upcoming 60th Berlin International Film Festival. ‘Nine‘ is one of them – and it will actually be the festival’s Birthday Special screening ahead of its theatrical release in Germany. Upon inquiry by Welt Online they could not yet confirm any of the star’s appearances, though. Let’s hope Marion will attend!

On a sidenote, our site has been listed on The Fan Carpt and please stay tuned for our in-depth coverage of Marion’s Critics Choice and Golden Globe Award appearances. Thank you for your patience


2 Comments on “'Nine' will be Birthday Special Gala Screening in Berlin”

  1. I was just about to tell you that marion will be the president of the 2010 Cesars but I was not quick enough! lol
    I am looking forward to see her!
    I am quite desapointed that she is not nominated for the Bafta! ;-(

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