Marion promotes 'Nine' in Italy

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3 Responses

  1. Aurore says:

    She looks quite sad on the picture :-(
    But still, she is gorgeous (I know, I am not very objective as a fan!)

  2. Olivergbyrne says:

    You are right,she has been looking sad or tiered lately , I was thinking the same thing looking at the pics from the Dior party as well.She’s probably all Jet lag…

  3. stephanie says:

    An article about the party last week end for Marion and Nine:
    JUMP-START ON THE GLOBES: The upcoming Golden Globes has brought a slew of fetes for nominated actresses, and last weekend saw back-to-back affairs thrown by Dior and The Weinstein Co. for Marion Cotillard (a best actress nominee for her turn in “Nine”) and by Audi, Cameron Silver and Gianfranco Ferré for “True Blood” star and best actress nominee Anna Paquin.

    Friday night in the Chateau Marmont’s Bungalow One, Cotillard held court as “Nine” producer Marc Platt unveiled a video she shot for her “Nine” number “Take It All.” “You may all know Marion is an Oscar-winning actress, but what you may not know is that she’s a talented music video artist,” he deadpanned. The clip showed bits from the film, rehearsal footage and outtakes of Cotillard in the recording studio. “Aaagh, this is so embarrassing,” she laughed as the small crowd, including directors Jim Sheridan, David Lynch and Michael Mann, and Tobey and Jennifer Maguire, broke into applause. Although tout Hollywood seems to want to work with her, Cotillard says she’s next turning her attention to a personal documentary on conserving the forestlands, which she was inspired to do after some friends raised her awareness about deforestation.


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