Cocktails for Marion

I added pictures of Marion at the Chateau Marmont for the Dior cocktails event in her honor last Saturday. She’s wearing a Dior dress and styled her hair in a new way. Other people on the photos include Alexander Skarsgard, Harry Dean Stanton, Jacqueline Bisset, Jake Gyllenhaal, Marc Platt, Martin Landau, Michael Mann, Sean Penn and Tobey Maguire.

027 Dior Cocktails For Marion Cotillard And “Nine”


5 Comments on “Cocktails for Marion”

  1. Thanks for the speedy post! Not a fan of this perm-do, but she is still gorgeous as always. Lovin’ all the supportive fellas 😉

  2. I dont like the curls either but she still looks gorgeous,hope that she wont have this hairstyle for the golden globes dough.

  3. She always wears the same ring on her right hand, even in “Le dernier vol”. I don’t know if it’s to give her luck or if it’s an engagement ring, but it’s really nice.

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