Day: January 2, 2010

Vote for Marion!

Thanks Lily07 for the heads up. It’s possible to vote for the nominees of the 15th Annual Critics Choice Awards on

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Various 'Nine' appearances

I added additional pictures to existing albums of promotional events for ‘Nine‘ as well as new events. There are also 2 new video clips.

Be sure to go out and see ‘Nine‘ in theatres if it is playing in your area!

030 ‘Nine’ Press Conference – New York, November 14
001 ‘Nine’ Luncheon, December 14
052 ‘Nine’ Broadway Screening, December 14
011 ‘Nine’ Variety Screening with Q&A, December 16
028 Screencaptures: ‘Nine’ Variety Q&A – 2009
031 Screencaptures: Oprah – 2009 (Behind the Scenes)

001 Talk Shows > Oprah
001 Other Public Appearances

'Nine' cast on Larry King Live

Thanks to Nadine I added the full interview, screencaptures and the transcript with the ‘Nine‘ cast & director on Larry King Live as aired on December 15, 2009. Due to it’s length etc the interview was split in 4 clips. Enjoy!

Interview With The All-Star Cast of “Nine”, Transcript

About her plans for the future:

KING: The lovely Marion, what’s next?

COTILLARD: I want to travel. I’m going to go to Africa. I’m going to go to Peru. And I want to — I want to do a documentary about the forest.

KING: The forest?

COTILLARD: Deforestation and all amazing projects about reforestation. So I want to spend time in the forest.

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