3 new 'Nine' interviews

I added 3 new interviews about ‘Nine‘. They’re lovely reads, especially the last one.

Cotillard pushed herself into music of ‘Nine’, The Arizona Republic, Dec 24
Marion Cotillard: The No. 1 of ‘Nine’, The Baltimore Sun, December 29
Marion Cotillard: A tiger’s fantasy Nine lives, The Toronto Star, December 30

“Someday, I hope I’ll be more confident,” Marion told me. Then she paused, and laughed a little. “Maybe not. I think maybe it’s better to be insecure, actually.”

“When people ask me how I am like Edith Piaf, how I am like Luisa Contini, then I become very mad,” she declared, eyes blazing. “I am an actress and they are characters I am playing. Why is that so hard for some people to understand?”

“Look, if you work all the time, if just do movie after movie, you’re playing another person more than you’re being yourself and the real you can get lost that way. If you don’t live your real life, then you become empty and the only place you can find authentic inspiration is in reality. That’s where the truth is.”

“Rob (Marshall) told me he wanted to make people feel Guido ought to be with Luisa again. That was my job. Where do I find it all? In my character. Never in myself.” Her voice rises again. “I will never, never use something from my own life. I feel it is too dangerous. If you wake up an old pain, for example, because you have to cry in a scene, then how do you put that pain back to sleep again?”


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