La boîte à questions

Marion Cotillard answered some questions during the programme La boîte à questions, which is part of Le grand journal, yesterday. I added the video and the clip as well as material from her earlier appearances on the show in previous years. Not sure of the dates though.

Gallery links:
023 Talk Shows > La boîte à questions – 2009
007 Talk Shows > La boîte à questions – 2007
067 Talk Shows > La boîte à questions – 2005
Video link:
001 Talk Shows – La boîte à questions


10 Comments on “La boîte à questions”

  1. She sounds so different in La boîte à questions 2003, more extrovert. But was she really sober?lol
    Anyway, thanks for all the videos Mia, it’s good to watch them again and again.

  2. Le Grand Journal doesn’t exist in 2003, I think the first Boite à questions was in 2004 😉
    I agree, she looks very different !

  3. maybe it’s 2005 ? she was blond in 2005 and on imdb, they said she appeared in the grand journal on 7 january 2005 …
    mia, did you see her previous appeareances on “tout le monde en parle” back in 2000 and 2003 ? it’s on INA.FR .

  4. Ok, let’s just put 2005 😉 That Taxi 3 question threw me off…..

    Yes, I saw them, as well as the report when Greenpeace visited her home. But I’m saving these for when news is slow. Still got a ton of recent stuff to add 😉

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