FilmInk magazine – January/February 2010

Nine is featured on the cover of the new issue of Aussie film magazine FilmInk, with an article on the movie inside. The magazine hits newsstands on December 11th, and you can purchase a copy of the magazine by contacting with your inquiry. For more information about FilmInk Magazine, please have a look at their website,

Thanks to Nicole’s Magic for this media alert.


10 Comments on “FilmInk magazine – January/February 2010”

  1. Mariana,

    I have a copy of Studio Cine Live. Would you like me to scan?
    If I mail them to Mia’s usual address will you be able to access them?


  2. P.S Marion has interviewed Penelope Cruz for the Dec/January issue of Interview.
    I should have a copy of the magazine very soon as a friend was at an Interview party last night and is going to send me the copy she got.
    But the article could pop up online soon, too.

  3. Mariana
    Yes, that would be great it you could scan a copy of the Studio Cine Live. I’m still trying to get a copy over here in the UK.

  4. Unfortunately I can’t access Mia’s email addy. Every single scan would be welcome though. You can email me at evagreenweb@[REMOVETHIS] Thank you 🙂

  5. Do you need the scans from FilmInk? I can ask the FilmInk person who emailed me to send them to you too if you want (if you don’t already have them waiting Mia!)

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