New 'Nine' Trailer

The new trailer for ‘Nine‘ to air on TV November 22 debuted today (November 16, US time) exclusively on Yahoo! It is set to Kate Hudson’s Cinema Italiano and unfortunately doesn’t feature many scenes with Marion Cotillard – more glimpses. But I’m sure you’ll enjoy the HQ captures I added to the gallery.

The earlier announced ‘Nine’ micro-website on has gone online and offers a sweepstakes to the New York premiere of ‘Nine‘ – which will take place after December 3 when the sweepstake ends. The Making Of is not yet online but a gallery. Be also sure to check out Yahoo!’s ‘Nine’ site to watch the new trailer in HD!

001 Nine – 2009 > Stills
017 Nine – 2009 > Screencaptures > Trailer

001 Trailers > Nine


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