Harper's Bazaar UK & Japan

I added the scans from the December issues of both the UK and the Japanese Harper’s Bazaar. Many thanks Lorna and Kelly for scanning the features for us!

I also added a transcript of the UK magazine – it’s mostly to promote Beds are burning, but also Nine. It has information about Marion’s engagement for the environment that previously only French publications have written about. Obviously, I don’t understand the Japanese article but it’s to promote ‘Public Enemies‘.

Siren Song, Harper’s Bazaar (UK), December 2009

[edit:] Links are now working! Sorry, don’t know what had happened!

002 Harper’s Bazaar (UK) – December
006 Harper’s Bazaar (Japan) – December


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  1. Mia, is the gallery working? I just went to try to access the Harper’s Bazaar pics and it’s saying I’m banned from it (but I don’t know why). 🙂

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