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Vote for Marion at the Hollywood Movie Awards!

Many thanks kelemenmarc for the heads up! The Hollywood Film Festival Award Committee has selected Marion Cotillard (along with 9 other great actresses) for the Hollywood Female Star of the Year Award. It is up to us to vote for her! She faces tough competition, especially from Megan Fox. The final awards will be presented at the Hollywood Movie Awards Gala Ceremony on October 26.

Vote for Marion as ‘Hollywood Female Star of the Year’

Marion on the LA Set of 'Inception'

As she mentioned before, Marion Cotillard went straight from the ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ set to the LA set of ‘Inception‘. She joined Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page on the set on Malibu beach last Friday. I added 3 pictures to the gallery. I love her outfit!

003 Inception – 2010 > On Set

Vogue Diaries: The Cast of 'Nine'

No, we didn’t get a second trailer, but Vogue has published the behind the scenes video for the November issue. Watch as Marion, Penélope, Nicole & Kate enjoy themselves during the shoot and laughing with photographer Annie Leibovitz despite fresh temperatures. There are also little soundbites from each one about their role in the movie. And there’s a new ‘Nine‘ movie still featuring Marion.

What I like best about the cover – the background of Malibu beach – is really the perfect backdrop for this shoot and the sea together with the rocks and the lovely sunlight is again what makes this video so absolutely charming – apart from the fact that (unlike the cover) it’s full of life & charm from the 4 leading ladies. Let’s hope for outtakes in other magazines soon!

Gallery: 070 Behind the Scenes > 2009 – Vogue
Video: 001 Magazines, Photoshoots – Vogue Diaries November 2009

More pictures from Silent Gathering

I’ve just added many additional HQ pictures of Marion at last week’s silent gathering to protest the house arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi. Enjoy!

035 Silent Gathering in support of Aung San Suu Kyi

Dior is the the French's favourite ad campaign

L’association pour la promotion de la presse magazine (APPM) has lanced an award to reward the French’s favourite magazine ad campaign each month. The first award, for the month of September 2009, was handed out to Dior featuring Marion Cotillard based on the campaign getting 62 % of the votes. Words attributed to the ad were sensibility, refinement, charm, chic/style, class, delicacy, elegance, femininity, glamour. Moreover, the ad makes 52% of France’s citizens want to “experience the Dior label”. (Source)

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