Updates about 'Nine'

It seems that the world premiere for ‘Nine‘ in London on November 4 has been cancelled. This is totally understandable as the release date has been pushed back.

For months the media have been speculating whether Marion in her role as Luisa Contini will be campaigned as Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress for the Oscars. While the Academy will be free to place her in any category they like the production of the movie have confirmed that Marion will be campaigned as lead female character for the next award season. All the other ladies will be supporting. Besides being the actress with the most screentime in ‘Nine‘ anyway it was also a wise decision because that way Marion will have a shot in the supporting category for her role in ‘Public Enemies‘. (Source: Nine – Road to the Oscars)

The December issue of UK’s Empire magazine has a ‘Nine‘ feature. As a preview I’ve added the Marion relevant page to the gallery. Scan courtesy of Lorna. Many thanks!

The official movie website has been updated with gorgeous teaser content. Go check it out!

The ‘Nine‘ soundtrack will be released December 22! (source)

001 Empire (UK) – December
002 Nine – 2009 > Screencaptures > Website


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