'Public Enemies' on UK DVD & Blu-Ray next Monday

We recently posted about the December 8, 2009 release of ‘Public Enemies‘ on DVD & Blu-Ray in the US. Now I learned that the movie will be released in the UK already next Monday, November 2, 2009.

Again, you can order from Amazon.co.uk:
Public Enemies [Blu-ray] [2009]Public Enemies [DVD] [2009]

The DVD Extras includes only the commentary with director Michael Mann while the Blu-Ray has the same extras as the upcoming US Blu-Ray (except the interactive BD Live features). DVD owners should note that HMV are offering a 2-Disc Exclusive Edition. Exact details are TBC but it is likely to include the hour of featurettes from the Blu-ray on the second disc. (source)


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  1. NIne is featured in the new Empire magazine – I’ll be looking out for the magazine this weekend and will send you scans asap (unless you beat me to it, lol)

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