Massive update about 'Le dernier vol'

Lots of ‘Le dernier vol‘ goodies: I added more gorgeous posters and stills to the gallery as well as totally adorable behind the scenes pictures. They’re quite small but lovely nonetheless. Additionally, I added some interviews and background information about the movie to the press archive. This is all in French, so if someone would like to provide translations, you’re very welcome to do so! All of this comes from the French Production Notes, many thanks Nadine for sharing!

Entretien avec Marion Cotillard
Interview Guillaume Canet (French)
Interview Karim Dridi (French)
Production Notes (French)

006 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Stills
017 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > On Set
002 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Artwork


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