Watch 'The Insider' tonight

No idea what they will be airing but the official ‘NineTwitter account just said that we should tune in to ‘The Insider’ on CBS tonight at 7:00 PM EST / 7:30 PM. Maybe a second trailer?!

Also, if anyone could record it for me as I (and many other Marion fans) don’t live in the US that be wonderful! Thanks.


5 Comments on “Watch 'The Insider' tonight”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the vid! Will add it to media vault and make some of my own caps tonight 🙂 This definitely solves the dress mystery. Marion & Penélope wore 2 dresses on that day but the paps only photographed them wearing the one 😉 I’m actually glad

  2. It does! (Solve the mystery!)
    However I definitely think Marion may have been re-shot for some reason as her hairstyle on the cover is basically her CURRENT style.
    In the vid it was alot longer, or tied back in a bun?
    I guess we can only hope another Vogue edition gets hold of one of the outtakes?

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