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Vogue has put the Nine article from the upcoming November issue online. There’s not much about Marion, though:

Prima Time, Vogue (US), November 2009

Finally, I see Marion Cotillard singing “My Husband Makes Movies” while performing a dazzlingly chic striptease. When I talk to her by phone a few weeks later, Marion, who speaks with a delightful French accent, tells me, “It’s been my dream to do an American musical. When I was a child, Annie was my favorite. I just never thought I would get to do it.” Of playing opposite Daniel Day-Lewis, Cotillard says, “It’s easy to work with such an amazing artist.” Because he was always in character, “it gives an energy to the crew. He creates this desire in everyone to be at their best.”

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  1. Mia, thanks for the updates of pics. I don’t know why both Marion et Penelope are not in the centre of the second pic, seeing as they are indeed the main female characters of Nine – push those other wannabees – Fergie et Kate (ughhh) to the side!

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