Day: October 9, 2009

Pictures from Silent Gathering

Finally, pictures from Tuesday’s silent gathering in support of Aung San Suu Kyi have been added to the gallery. There are a few HQ pictures as well as many regular sized ones. Enjoy!

Listen to a short interview (in French) with Marion from the event on

I’ve been supporting this woman for 14 years now. I was really touched when I discovered her life and what she had to go through. She’s a wonder to me, her purity, she’s someone who’s not afraid. She’s accepted to not being able to see her husband, her children, for the sake of her people. That’s something extraordinary! Information we have about her, her health condition, her…, are frightening. And if these military people, who are deaf and blind, people who are beyond sense and law… if there’s a moment to help reverse this, I believe in it. I believe that bringing as many people as possible in this country up to date on who this woman is and what is going on in that country is not in vain. It’s a start to get her out of prison.

Translation by myself. Please correct me if there are mistakes!!

027 Silent Gathering in support of Aung San Suu Kyi

Vogue article & pictures

Vogue has put the Nine article from the upcoming November issue online. There’s not much about Marion, though:

Prima Time, Vogue (US), November 2009

Finally, I see Marion Cotillard singing “My Husband Makes Movies” while performing a dazzlingly chic striptease. When I talk to her by phone a few weeks later, Marion, who speaks with a delightful French accent, tells me, “It’s been my dream to do an American musical. When I was a child, Annie was my favorite. I just never thought I would get to do it.” Of playing opposite Daniel Day-Lewis, Cotillard says, “It’s easy to work with such an amazing artist.” Because he was always in character, “it gives an energy to the crew. He creates this desire in everyone to be at their best.”

002 Portraits > Sessions from 2009 > Vogue

Preview of Vogue Cover

Preview of Vogue Cover

news-2009-10-09I’m going to add pictures from Tuesday’s Silent Gathering soon. In the meantime enjoy this preview of the Vogue November cover, featuring Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Nicole Kidman and Kate Hudson. Many thanks Kelly for the heads up.

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