'Inception' will get IMAX release

It has been announced today, that ‘Inception‘ – directed by Chris Nolan and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, and Michael Caine – will be released in IMAX theatres as well as in traditional theatres on July 16, 2010:

“Chris Nolan and IMAX have proven to be ideally suited to each other, and we’re very excited to bring them back together again for Inception,” said Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. Picture’s president of domestic distribution. “With the rapidly growing IMAX network, our IMAX audience base for this release will be significantly larger than it was for The Dark Knight, which will add to the film’s event status.”

Read more enthusiastic quotes about this news from people representing Warner Bros. and IMAX here.


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