New picture from the set of 'Les petits mouchoirs'

Thanks to our forum member Nadine I’ve been able to add a new picture of Marion Cotillard on the set of ‘Les petits mouchoirs‘ to the gallery. It’s actually from a French article from

The article mostly talks about how Cap Ferret is one of writer/director Guillaume Canet’s most favourite places, he loves the sunsets, the “cabane d’Édouard” in the evening after having eaten seafood – and everything else that makes him respect the region and its people. To help preserve the region, so that it doesn’t become the next St. Tropez, it will not be mentioned by name in the movie even though the majority of it is set there. There’s also talk about the dream cast. And a brief mention of Marion:

On the day of the filming of a “surprise” scene in a pretty villa there’s Marion Cotillard pirouetting in a casual dress, guitar in hand, waiting for the green light from her boyfriend/director.

“I was very lucky because they loved the script,” explains Guillaume Canet. “Most of them knew me. Marion also loved my film and the story. I think they’re all here out of respect for my work.”

It goes on to say that for the filming the actors renounced a certain comfort they’re used to – such as nearby lodgings. The mayor of Lège-Cap-Ferret didn’t want the place to be crowded with trucks from the film crew. Filming is set to continue until October 8.


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