Day: August 25, 2009

New 'Nine' stills

The release date for Rob Marshall’s star studded musical ‘Nine‘ is fast approaching – November 25 – and finally we get to see some more Marion stills. Though middle to low quality they’re definitely exciting, so enjoy!

TheProjectNine has kindly scanned the ‘Nine‘ feature in this week’s Entertainment Weekly. There is a lovely picture (with Marion) from group rehearsals.

Also some background information from Variety:

“Take It All,” originally written as a trio for Kidman, Cruz and Cotillard but, just before shooting, rearranged as a solo for Cotillard, according to music supervisor Matt Sullivan. “Heart-wrenching” is how Yeston describes the performance by Cotillard (who won an Oscar playing Edith Piaf).

Music director Paul Bogaev’s biggest job was working with the actors and preparing them to record the songs before shooting. Cotillard auditioned for the producer but was cast as the wife.

001 Entertainment Weekly (US) – August 21-28
004 Nine – 2009 > Stills

German scans

Trying to catch up on all the many Marion Cotillard magazine features from recent months. To start, a batch of German scans.

Find a German interview with Marion Cotillard on As far as I’ve been able to find out it hasn’t been featured in a print issue.

001 Glamour (Germany) – August Thanks Nathalie for the scan!
003 Gruen (Switzerland) – August 10 Schweizer Illustrierte supplement
007 Style (Switzerland) – September Schweizer Illustrierte supplement

Kindly do not redistribute these scans at another Marion Cotillard fan site as they were obtained/donated exclusively for ‘Magnifique Marion Cotillard’. Thank you.

2nd New York Lady Dior Ad

A brand new Lady Dior Ad! On the last page of the September issue of Vogue Paris I found this ad with a very glamourous Marion Cotillard as Lady Red in New York. I added a HQ scan to the gallery.

So far, I spotted New York Lady Dior ads (the first version) in the UK September issues of Elle and Harper’s Bazaar.