Day: August 24, 2009

'Inception' – Official Website & Teaser

The release of Marion’s latest international movie project ‘Inception‘ is still almost a year away (July 16, 2010) but the official website has already gone online (even though there’s next to no content) and a teaser has also been released (no Marion, though).

Official SiteTeaser

'Le dernier vol' HQ stills

I replaced two of the ‘Le dernier vol‘ (The Last Flight) stills we recently got from the Figaro magazine with beautiful HQ pictures. Enjoy!

The release date for the film in France and French speaking Switzerland is now November 18, 2009. Unfortunately, I leave for a 3 week holiday the same day so I really really hope it will still be playing in a city nearby when I get back.

002 Le dernier vol (The Last Flight) – 2009 > Stills