Voyage sous les mers 3d

Marion Cotillard narrated the forthcoming ‘Voyage sous les mers 3d‘ by the brothers Jean-Jacques & François Mantello. The film opens in French theatres next week, August 26. According to the movie’s official site as of today there will be 4 advanced screenings with the presence of the directors. Not sure, if that’ll include Marion on at least one of the screenings? Maybe she’s too busy shooting ‘Inception‘ (although I think they were only shooting in Paris for 3 days) or she went back to the set of ‘Les Petits Mouchoirs‘ again already.

Anyway, I added the French interview with Marion from the production notes, the video interview from, the trailer, the poster as well as a picture of Marion behind the microphone to the media sections.

Maybe someone could provide English translations soon? That’d be awesome. In the meantime a short summary. We learn that Marion was intrigued by the project as soon as she heard about it. She was approached while filming ‘Le dernier vol‘ in the Sahara. She’s done some diving herself and was amazed by the wonders of the ocean. According to her watching ‘Voyage sous les mers 3d‘ will feel like a real dive.

Press Archive:
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