'Public Enemies' Premiere – Lyon

As previously announced Marion Cotillard attended a screening of ‘Public Enemies‘ in Lyon on July 3, 2009. Bakasphere.com kindly gave me permission to post his pictures from the event. [edit:] Actually, these (and 2 new) pictures were taken at the Hôtel de Ville, where Marion participated in the radio show ‘La tête dans les étoiles‘ for RTL just before the actual screening.[/edit]. ToxicGirls.org added a video of the 5-min interview with Marion, which took place before the screening, to DailyMotion. Find screencaptures & the clip in the media sections.

Note that some guy went up to the stage to ask for an autograph. Marion graciously signed for him but the interviewer made clear that this was to be an exception and that everyone else please remain seated. LOL

Gallery link:
004 ‘Public Enemies’ Premiere – Lyon La tête dans les étoiles (RTL) – Lyon
046 ‘Public Enemies’ Premiere – Lyon – 2009

Video link:
001 Other Public Appearances – 2009 Public Enemies Lyon Premiere


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