Film rumour #1

According to the IMDb Marion Cotillard and Javier Bardem are attached to star a new project called ‘Picasso‘ about the extraordinary life story of legendary artist, Pablo Picasso, written & directed by Bandar Albuliwi.

Probability: No other sources confirm this. The movie’s production company Bandar Productions lists the movie as being In Development on their website. Which means that nothing about the project has been finalized yet, incl. casting.


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  1. I am a huge fan of Javier Bardem and he actually said in an interview once that IMDB has him in films that he has never heard of! So,I honestly can’t believe it until it happens.I will admit that La Vien Rose is the only film I have seen of Ms.Cotillard’s and she was fantastic in it! I was also happy she won the Oscar,it was well deserved.Thank you and you have a very nice site!

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