Welcome to Magnifique Marion Cotillard! Marion's best known for her award winning performance in La Vie en Rose, but you might also recognise her from movies such as Inception, Midnight in Paris, The Dark Knight Rises and The French Rust and Bone. Collecting nominations for her latest film Two Days, One Night and starring in the upcoming adaptation of Shakespeare's Macbeth, Marion Cotillard is finally making a comeback to leading roles. Not stopping at movies, Marion Cotillard is also exploring her musical talents, having toured with French rock band Yodelice and recorded a song and video with British band Metronomy. She's also taken over the fashion industry as the face of Lady Dior. All the while, she is never too busy for her family and to lend her time and name to causes she believes in. Enjoy your time here and keep checking back for all the latest news!

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Jul 06, 09   Mia   0 Comment English Press

from CanMag (Canada) / by Fred Topel Marion Cotillard came to most people’s attention when she won the Oscar for Best Actress in La Vie En Rose in a surprise upset. Now she plays John Dillinger’s final love, Billie Frechette, in the summer true crime drama Public Enemies in a Hollywood adventure that continues to […]

Jul 06, 09   Mia   0 Comment Gallery Updates, Other Work

Exciting news! Dior has posted the very first picture from the second part of the Lady Dior story, which takes place in New York. The pictures for the Print Ads are shot by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. Remember, for Paris it was Peter Lindbergh. Ultimately the print campaign will again be followed by a short […]

Jul 05, 09   Mia   0 Comment English Press

from Independent.ie (Ireland) / by Evan Fanning Racked by self-doubt, Marion Cotillard tells Evan Fanning she feels more secure by taking someone else’s voice As I enter the room, Marion Cotillard is grappling with a book on Expressionism. She’s grappling in so far as she is attempting to remove it from within a pile of […]

Jul 04, 09   Mia   0 Comment English Press

from California Chronicle (US) / by Donald Clarke For Marion Cotillard, subsuming herself into the exhausting role of Edith Piaf was simpler than mastering an American accent in her latest film SO FEW French actors – or Germans or Italians for that matter – break through into English-language cinema that we feel able to put […]

Jul 04, 09   Mia   0 Comment English Press

from The Herald Magazine (UK) / Marion Cotillard captivated audiences as the iconic Parisian chanteuse Edith Piaf. Now she’s becoming a Hollywood moll – and the world awaits Marion Cotillard is standing in a hotel suite in west London. As I enter the oak-panelled room, she walks to the fireplace and fiddles with a large, […]