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Jul 2009
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I’m back from my summer travels for the time being so I can catch up on all those Marion news I missed during my absence. To start, I have the actual scans of the article I posted last time. The French publication ‘Le Figaro Magazine’ visited the Marrocan set of ‘Le dernier vol‘ and they published some new stills! So exciting!! 004 Le Figaro Magazine (France) – July 4 003

Jul 2009
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This second batch of new interviews consists of French interviews and articles. If anyone has time to translate at least one or two of them that’d be great! This is the last update for a while as I’m leaving town again tomorrow and won’t be with internet access until at least next week. • Sa Vie en Rose, Le Petit Bulletin, July 7 • Confidences d’une môme qui devient grande,

Jul 2009
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Thanks to Paolo we have the full clip & lovely screencaptures of the long Marion Cotillard interview Canal+ aired this past Sunday as part of their Rencontres de Cinéma series. Enjoy! If someone has time to provide a translated transcript you’re most welcome to do so as I have no time at all! Thank you! Gallery: 266 Rencontre Marion Cotillard (Canal+) – 05/07/2009 Video: 001 Rencontre Marion Cotillard

Jul 2009
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de Le Petit Bulletin (France) / par Christophe Chabert Marion Cotillard, actrice, trouve dans Public enemies son premier grand rôle américain, ou comment une comédienne consacrée par un mythe français se mue, promo comprise, en star internationale. Pour les journalistes un peu lents à la détente, la tournée de Marion Cotillard pour présenter Public enemies se charge de rappeler que celle-ci a sérieusement changé de statut ces dernières années. Cotillard

Jul 2009
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I added a bunch of new interviews & articles to the press archive: • Marion Cotillard on Public Enemies, CanMag, July 6 • Comparisons with Angelina a thorn as Marion blooms,, July 5 • Cotillard’s Vie En Roles, California Chronicle, July 4 • Film interview with Marion Cotillard, Public Enemies, The London Paper, July 3 • Marion Cotillard: Public Enemies press conference report, Den of Geek!, July 2 •