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Thanks to Even though we still have to wait till September 8 to listen to Beds Are Burning – a song recorded by many stars, among them Marion Cotillard, in support of the Tck Tck Tck Campaign – we can now have a glimpse at the music video and the song on Facebook and MySpace

I added the small version of the signed promo picture, caps of the music video teaser as well as the teaser itself and a short clip of the New York Making Of where you can hear Marion’s singing and see her standing behind the microphone recording her parts for the song to the site’s media parts.

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Beds Are Burning
(Dry River Bed Version)

Down at the river bed
The earth is cracked and dry instead
Farms are failing, cities baking
Steam in 45 degrees

The time has come
To take a stand
It’s for the earth
It’s for our land
The time has come
A fact’s a fact
The heat is on
No turning back

How can we dance when our earth is turning?
How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

Heaven hopes we’ll find a cure
From Bejing west to Timbuktu
The global village lives and breathes
In 45 degrees

As part of this 360 campaign, Mr Kofi Annan has brought The Hours on board to produce a song which is going to be the soundtrack to this movement. The song is a cover of 1987 “Beds Are Burning” by Midnight Oil and the aim is to have singers, celebrities and leaders to contribute their voices to the track and participate in the music video . Top talent and celebrities have already contributed, and many more are expected to get involved in the next few weeks.

Some are aware that this Eighties classic, taken from the album Diesel and Dust, is a political protest song urging the “Western World” to give the land back to Native Australians. Of course, the Tck. Tck. Tck initiative carries a slightly different message but still maintains a similar sentiment for us all, Natives of this Earth to reclaim our Earth, take ownership and responsibility – and start a revolution against the Industrial and Corporate big wigs by forcing them to pay for the damage inflicted as a result of carbon dioxide emissions from all over the world. Midnight Oil graciously agreed to change the lyrics themselves to better suit the cause for the Tck. Tck. Tck initiative.

The song and its music video will be released as a free download on September 8th, with the support from major media outlets, brands, and organizations to ensure a truly global reach. “Climate change is a serious and universal problem that we all must face and music is the universal language, capable of transcending beyond cultures, generations, religions and race. A song or an artist truly has the power to translate a message or a movement more than any politician or world leader can on a global scale. This is why we believe that by creating a song for Mr. Kofi Annan and the Tck. Tck. Tck. initiative, we will be creating a voice for all of us who deserve to have a say leading up to Copenhagen in December this year. The goal is to draw enough attention to an event that will affect the rest of our lives one way or another”, says Alexandre Sap, CEO of The Hours.

People around the world will be able to show their support to this movement by downloading the song, giving it airplay, and leaving a personal message at the time of download. A “musical petition” that is much needed. The time has come.

The entire carbon footprint related to this 360 “Tck Tck Tck” campaign will be compensated by the planting of trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The Hours has started this program last year in partnership with Pure Planet.


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  1. hi, i´d like to do a tv comercial of tck tck, to help, i was looking for the song, but i didn´t find it, can you tell me how to find it and if there is a permision, thank you, i am from Colombia South America

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