New French articles

This second batch of new interviews consists of French interviews and articles. If anyone has time to translate at least one or two of them that’d be great! This is the last update for a while as I’m leaving town again tomorrow and won’t be with internet access until at least next week.

Sa Vie en Rose, Le Petit Bulletin, July 7
Confidences d’une môme qui devient grande, Gala, July 3
Marion Cotillard, une Môme en plein Sahara, Le Figaro Magazine, July 4
Marion Cotillard, de retour d’Amérique dans la peau d’une compagne de gangster, La Voix du Nord, July 3
“Johnny Depp est un vrai gentleman”, Metro, July 2
Marion Cotillard : l’amour, l’ego et Hollywood, Madame Figaro, June 27

The Sahara article is actually about Figaro Magazine‘s visit to the Le dernier vol set. We learn that the full name of Marion’s character is Marie Vallières de Beaumont.

Marion had an immediate visceral connection with Marie Vallières de Beaumont, this passionate woman who fights to rescue the man she loves to the point of exhaustion and who in the abandonment of the desert discovers a new meaning of life.

Marion Cotillard shares this perfectionism, she’s always extremely focused even for a short scene. The young Oscar winner has lost none of her naturality and simplicity though. Once we see her knitting a scarf for her niece. We’re amused to see her candidly confide her “unhealthy sentimentality” towards animals, including insects. Then the Marion we know is back, one evening she’s singing and dancing, together with a nomadic Berber family who arrived to work as extras on the film. “Like my character, I’ve found a lot more in the desert than I set out for: especially these smiles of the children!”


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