Cotillard: Every day is magical

from AFP (UK)

Marion Cotillard has revealed her life is “magical” since she won an Oscar and her career took off.

The French actress scooped an Academy Award for playing singer Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose and said: “My life started to change when the movie was released and I had those beautiful opportunities to work with Michael Mann, to work with Rob Marshall.

“And I never thought, maybe it was a deep desire, but I was not aware of this desire of doing American movies – I so love it, I am so lucky and so happy to be able to work in a country where movies are such a marvel I would say, so I feel very lucky.”

Marion, who stars in new movie Public Enemies with Johnny Depp, says she still gets a thrill from acting.

“Every day is a magical day and I’m really aware of it and it’s still magical,” she gushed.

“I think when it’s taught to be like, ‘Oh yeah, well it’s just another day’, I think I would do something else. I think I would have to think about something else to do because this job has to stay magical.”

:: Public Enemies is out now


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