'Public Enemies' Chicago Premiere

Finally, the pictures of Marion at Thursday’s ‘Public Enemies‘ premiere & after party in Chicago. Her ’50s-inspired Christian Dior dress with silver Sergio Rossi slingbacks and a red leather belt and bag were named Look of the Day by InStyle.com.

I also have some videos etc for you. But I’m currently battling a cold and should really stay in bed.

Cotillard spoke of Chicagoans’ enthusiasm for their city and mentioned that she lived near O’Brien’s during the shoot.

Depp and co-star Marion Cotillard briefly greeted the crowd, and seemed to have a pretty good rapport as they kibbitzed with each other before the screening.

The actors all raved about the city of Chicago and the people here. Cotillard said she was a fan of Gibson’s steakhouse.

040 ‘Public Enemies’ Premiere – Chicago


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