New Layout for the summer

After over 7 months a new layout was more than needed. The talented Natalie (who already designed the header for our second site layout) designed this timeless and elegant layout based on the Paris Lady Dior Print Campaign a while ago and finally I got round to code it for the site. I hope you are as excited as I am about the new look!

The site looks perfect in a Firefox browser but should work fine with others too. If you encounter problems though please let me know, thanks!

Additionally to the new layout the sidebar has (finally) been updated with all the new Marion Cotillard projects and some important dates for the upcoming 2 months!


8 Comments on “New Layout for the summer”

  1. Maria,

    Le site rencontre pleins de problèmes aussi avec firefox je n’arrive pas à accepter au menu “media” forum” “web” “home” et ca saute sur les autres… Sinon à part c’est beug c’est joli !

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