Harvey, Leonardo, Russell: all love Marion

I’ve added a new article from French website PurePeople to the press archive: Incroyable Marion Cotillard. Basically it’s an article with quotes from other people about Marion, how she’s got Hollywood at her feet. Here the translated quotes:

Harvey Weinstein (producer of Nine)

Marion is a great professional! She’s become my friend because I was captivated by her talent but also and above all by her dogged determination at work and her unconditional involvement in her films. (For the presentation of Nine at Cannes,) I had chosen Penélope Cruz to be present for the screening of some scenes of the film to journalists, but she had to cancel at the last minute because she had food poisoning. Without hesitation, Marion made herself available to replace her. That’s Marion!
She has several strings to her bow. She’s become as powerful as any other Hollywood actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio (costar in the upcoming Inception)

Marion is one of the most talented actresses of our generation in my opinion. She radiates such strength and such energy in everything she does that one can have nothing but admiration for her.

Russell Crowe (costar in 2006’s A Good Year)

For A Good Year, it was like filming next to an angel each day.


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