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amfAR Cinema Against AIDS

Last week on May 21 during the Cannes Film Festival Marion Cotillard together with Guillaume Canet attended the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS event at the Hotel du Cap. A journalist from the Black Book Magazine was also there and mentioned Marion favourably:

and any crack at carrying a half-decent conversation with the likes of … Marion Cotillard, who takes the prize for grace, dignity and professionalism, is best forgotten. It’s too loud to have a talk.

I’ve added pictures of the arrivals, dinner and after party. Apart from Guillaume, she was also photographed with Cécile Cassel, Mélanie Laurent and Sharon Stone among others. Enjoy!

• credit black&white pictures: Puple Diary

094 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS
003 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS After Party

Cannes: Moët Lounge + Out & About

I’ve added HQ pictures of Marion Cotillard signing a bottle for charity in the Moët Lounge, probably before or after the ‘Nine‘ promotional event which took place on May 18 – as well as 2 pictures of her in front of her hotel with a friend on May 19.

Further reinforcing its century-long love affair with the international film industry, Moët & Chandon the champagne of cinema, today opens its “Moët Lounge Cannes 2009”, an exclusive VIP hotspot at the private beach venue, Bâoli Beach, in celebration of the 62nd annual Cannes Film Festival.

With prime positioning on the iconic Croisette, “Moët Lounge Cannes 2009” is an invitationonly prestige venue that will host an array of film soirées, cinema-inspired art exhibitions and celebrations from 14-24 May. During the festival, Moët will invite A-list celebrities and filmmakers to autograph 15-liter Nebuchadnezzar bottles for charity, a now legendary cinema tradition that the House began decades ago at iconic film festivals and awards around the globe.

002 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival – Moët Lounge
002 62nd Annual Cannes Film Festival – Out & About

Narrating 'OceanWorld 3D'

As reported by Le Film Français last Thursday, Marion Cotillard will be narrating the documentary ‘Voyage sous les mers 3D‘, directed by Jean-Jacques Mantello and produced by his brother François. Thanks to her involvement the project will receive more attention from the media and thus help bring the importance of the environment’s protection more to people’s attention.

The film will be released in cinemas across France August 26, 2009. Titled ‘OceanWorld 3D‘ the documentary is also set for a US release in 2009, no specific date is yet available. However, my guess is that someone else will be providing the English narration (IMDb listing).

A tribute to the ocean, “Oceans 3D” takes viewers on a voyage through, among others, Californian kelp forests, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and Roca Partida Island off the coast of Mexico, which is home to thousands of sharks. Audiences will witness some of the most spectacular and unforgettable scenes of life beneath the waves ever captured in 3D: the manta ray’s enchanting ballet; the noble procession of hammerhead sharks; the lion fish’s relentless hunt; a group of young dolphins playing algae-football; the astonishing beauty of the Spanish dancer sea slug; and a unique encounter with the largest cetaceans on the planet.

Cannes Film Festival – Photo Session

Thanks to MelFan we now have the full Cannes Film Festival Photo Session that was featured in the recent Libération issue. Many thanks!

04 Cannes Film Festival – Session 001

Some recent scans

Ok, I’m back and trying to catch up with all the Marion news as quickly as my very busy real life schedule allows. Today, I bring you some scans of recent publications – one even has a brand-new interview with Marion Cotillard, I’ve added the transcript to the press archive: Cultural Conversion

This is a part of me that you have to protect not to be hurt by mean things. I do my job, I try to do my job the best I can. I love it, I am very happy of what happens, so I don’t want to destroy this by being hurt by bad energy.

01 Studio Ciné Live (France) – June
02 Gulf News (United Arab Emirates) – May 25
01 Libération (France) – May 23

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