Cotillard on a Tear

from Hollywood.Com / by Nancy

Ever wonder what an Oscar winner dresses up as for Halloween? France’s Marion Cotillard, who took home the best actress Academy Award for 2007’s “La Vie En Rose,” says her best costume ever was last year.

“I wore all black and painted a red teardrop running down from one of my eyes,” she explained.

“But who were you?” I asked. “I was me,” she responded.


I ran into her at the annual Gaumont lunch here in Cannes – the studio is the world’s oldest – where she was talking up “The Last Flight,” a film directed by Karim Dridi and co-starring Guillaume Canet.

(Canet is best known as an actor but he’s now directed a couple of films. The last, “Tell No One,” is being remade in the US.)

Even before the Oscar, Cotillard worked both in the States and in France. I asked her if she and compatriot Juliette Binoche – who won the best supporting actress prize for 1996’s “The English Patient” – ever got together to talk about the Oscar experience. No, she said, “and I am so ashamed because she sent me the most beautiful letter.”

Cotillard will next be seen in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies” with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.


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