English Marion interview

I added a ‘Public Enemies‘ background story from the San Francisco Chronicle to the press archive. The middle part is an interview with Marion. She talks about her Johnny Depp’s characters first meeting, working with Johnny and of course the American accent. Be sure to read it!

Depp as Dillinger in ‘Public Enemies’

An exclusive behind the scenes featurette (13 minutes) PUBLIC ENEMIES: HBO FIRST LOOK will air on HBO starting Tuesday, June 18, 2009. See the complete schedule here. Please, could anyone in the US be on the lookout for any Marion footage in this feature? If there is anything new we would be so happy to have a clip for the video archive here on the site, thank you!

Oh, and Ken Watanabe and Tom Hardy joined the incredible cast for Marion’s new movie ‘Inception‘.

“My fairy tale ends in few hours,” laughed Marion Cotillard, who arrived on the arm of John Galliano clad in a blush Dior column. “I have to be in the airport as soon as the dress and diamonds come off.” – Marion Cotillard at the Costume Institute Gala



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