'Public Enemies' to premiere at LA Film Festival

Marion Cotillard’s upcoming film ‘Public Enemies‘ may contrary to rumours not get screened at the Cannes Film Festival but it will get a special world premiere at the 15th Annual Los Angeles Film Festival (June 18-28) ahead of its US release date July 1: it has just been announced that ‘Public Enemies‘ has been selected as Centerpiece Premiere. (source)

And Film.com lists Marion #8 in their “Top 10 Girls of Summer 2009” list due to her role in the blockbuster by acclaimed director Michael Mann:

8. Marion Cotillard needed something huge to capitalize on her out-of-nowhere tour de force as sozzled songbird Edith Piaf in La Vie on Rose. Indie director Abel Ferrara’s Jesus-themed 2008 ego trip Mary was emphatically not what Marion needed. But as the gal pal of gangster John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) in Michael Mann’s opus Public Enemies, she may break out of the Gallic ghetto and into Hollywood proper. Will her feminine charm help give man’s man Mann what he needs to finally make a big-screen hit? We’re betting yes.

Well, Mary is really a 2005 production that just took a long time to be released in the States…


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  1. It is great to see Marion getting the recognition for her acting. She is truly talented. Thank you for a fantastic site to her!

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