What do we know about "Le dernier vol"?

I’ve been trying to find confirmation of the start of shooting for Marion Cotillard’s new movie Le dernier vol (The Last Flight). While I haven’t exactly been able to find it everything I did find seemed to confirm the previously reported date of March 9. Also the movie’s main producer Gaumont mentioned the movie in their March 5 newsletter and said it was set for a release in November 2009! Wow! [edit:] And apparently the shooting will last for 8 weeks – till the end of April 2009.

I added a photoshopped poster (with the “international” title The Last Flight) that someone took a picture of during the 2008 Cannes Film Festival, where the producers tried to secure finances. Also, I need to point out that despite something I read online somewhen last year everything points to this film not only being French in terms of producers (additionally, France 3 and Canal + are co-producing) but also in terms of language – which makes sense actually.

On another note I came across a new synopsis of the film’s story here. Does that mean the film will only be loosely inspired by real-life couple Chubbie Miller and Bill Lancaster?! I’m confused. Here my attempt of its translation:

Young aviator and stubborn adventurer Marie leaves to search for her lover in the Sahara desert where he went missing while attempting a record flight from London to Cape (South Africa). Her sudden arrival disrupts the routine at an outpost of the Meharists (French Foreign Legion) who are facing a Touareg rebellion.

A captain with a hierarchy conflict, Antoine, decides to help Marie in her quest – in the midst of an ocean of magnificent and hostile sand.

Under the overpowering heat their desire to survive unites them and leads to a disturbing and unexpected love story…

Original French text:

Jeune aviatrice, aventurière obstinée, Marie part à la recherche de son amant disparu dans le désert saharien lors d’une tentative de record de traversée Londres-Le cap. Cette arrivée impromptue vient bouleverser le quotidien d’un poste avancé de méharistes français aux prises avec la montée de la rébellion touareg.

Antoine, capitaine en conflit avec sa hiérarchie, décide d’aider Marie dans cette quête, au coeur d’un océan de sable grandiose et hostile.

Sous une chaleur accablante, leur désir de survivre les unira dans une histoire d’amour troublante et inattendue…

If this turns out to be the real story of the film it could mean Guillaume Canet would play Antoine instead of Marion’s character’s missing lover – which would give the two actors a lot of scenes together. I’m definitely excited to hear more about this film!


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  1. WOW! What research work! 😉 I’m not surprised they would change the book’s story and only slightly inspire themselves from it. I wonder what kind of movie this could be?!


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