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I came across another music video with Marion Cotillard. Back in April 1990 a 14 year old Marion could be seen in the music video Petite Fille by French punk rock/psychobilly band Les Wampas. Back then the music video was quite popular and aired often on French TV chain M6. The video clip is a bonus on the band’s DVD Les Wampas – Never trust a DVD!

I added screencaptures and the hilarious clip to the media parts of the site. While I was at it I also replaced the caps of Marion in Hawksley Workman’s 2004 music video No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes (On The Highway Tonight) with better ones and added both this clip as well as Givin’ Up (2003) to the video archive.

If you know of any other video clips Marion Cotillard appeared in, please don’t hesitate to inform me about them – it’d be much appreciated!

Gallery Links:
031 Petite Fille – 1990
064 No Reason To Cry Out Your Eyes – 2004

Video Link:
003 Music Videos


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  1. I’ve corrected the links in that old post now. Problem is I moved the gallery & video archives to a different server and I haven’t finished changing all the links in the old updates. If you get error messages it’s best to go to the media site and look for it there until I’ve finished building the new video archive, completing the gallery and then finally editing all the many many old updates. Sorry.

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