Updates about the Lady Dior campaign

I’m sure you’re all as impatient as me to see the second batch of promotion for Lady Dior (there will be four).

In May, the house will shoot a second batch of ads for the Lady Dior handbag featuring Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard, depicted in the first episode clutching the lace-like metallic grid of the Eiffel Tower, the purse slung on her arm etched with a similar pattern. (Also coming out soon on Dior’s website is a mini-movie with Cotillard devoted to the making of the campaign.)

“Dior is not an apparel vendor; it’s not a bag vendor or a shoe vendor. This is why it’s so close to the movie industry,” Toledano said. “These actresses are showing the dream through Dior…this dimension of dream, glamour, and elegance.”

Having famous women wearing Dior, from royals and political figures to celebrities, is not meant to achieve a short-term impact, but to feed the brand’s momentum and “add more substance to the story of the brand. It’s a long-term process.”


So I guess we’ll only have to wait roughly two more months until we’re treated to new ads and a new making of video!


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