'Public Enemies' Poster & Trailers & Cannes

MSN debuted the first ‘Public Enemies‘ poster today, as well as some new stills. But none feature a new Marion still. Still, very exciting! Especially to see that out of the all star cast it’s Marion and Christian Bale who, in addition to Johnny Depp of course, get to have their names on the poster – it seems the two have equal billing positions. And it’s certainly nice to read Academy Award winner Marion Cotillard on a poster!

Also word is out that ET will debut some exclusive footage as well as a preview of the trailer tonight! Watch the preview for the preview and don’t forget to tune in to spot Marion as Johnny Depp’s Dillinger’s girlfriend Billie.

The actual trailer should be online either tomorrow or Thursday and it can be admired on the big screen as of Friday. Don’t know which movies will show the ‘Public Enemies‘ trailer, though, sorry.

Also, it was reported last Friday by highly reliable Daily Mail correspondant Baz Bamigboye that ‘Public Enemies‘ might be chosen for the Cannes Festival movie line-up:

Cannes Film Festival selectors are due to look at a rough cut of Public Enemies, the movie about 1930s Public Enemy No1 John Dillinger. A delegation of Cannes Film Festival officials will travel to Los Angeles soon to view footage.

The picture, directed by Michael Mann, also stars Christian Bale, Channing Tatum and Carey Mulligan. It’s not certain yet whether it would have an opening night slot or a special premiere during the festival in May.

One factor that has to be sorted is whether or not Depp has the time (or the inclination) to attend Cannes. He’s busy doing additional filming on Alice In Wonderland and has two other projects to film back to back.

Also, Depp and Mann clashed on the set – but they’re both professionals and are most likely over it now.

Festival organisers are already holding talks with Pedro Almodovar about his noir movie Broken Embraces, which stars the best supporting actress Oscar winner Penelope Cruz.

Terminator Salvation, which stars Bale, is set to close the festival.


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  1. hello, love your site! I check it about everyday! I just wanted to let you know that Public Enemies is suppose to be showed before Watchmen, which is in the same catoegry as Public Enemies! Also the trailer is suppose to be debuting on Apple.com

    Cant wait! ( sorry for the broken english)

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