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Mar 2009
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from / by Anne Thompson It’s rare for a European actress to carve out a career in Hollywood. But honing her English with rounds of Berlitz and winning both the best actress Oscar and Cesar awards for La Vie en Rose have spun Marion Cotillard into a whirlwind of film roles. First, she went to Chicago to shoot Michael Mann’s Public Enemies, playing moll Billie Frechette to Johnny Depp’s

Mar 2009
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I’ve been trying to find confirmation of the start of shooting for Marion Cotillard’s new movie Le dernier vol (The Last Flight). While I haven’t exactly been able to find it everything I did find seemed to confirm the previously reported date of March 9. Also the movie’s main producer Gaumont mentioned the movie in their March 5 newsletter and said it was set for a release in November 2009!

Mar 2009
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Today I bring you all the – mostly HQ – stills of various talk show appearances that have been sitting on my computer for a long time. I can’t remember where I found the pictures of Marion and Will Smith (for Comme au cinéma) so I don’t know who I need to credit. If anyone has any of the missing talk show videos that go with these pictures (we do

Mar 2009
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I’ve diligently transferred all the existing video clips of Marion at public appearances from the old to the new archive – bringing the total count in the new archive to 110. I’ve also added 4 new clips: 2006 Cannes Festival, 2007 Hollywood Awards Interview (by a rather ignorant reporter…) and 2009 Oscars Backstage & Red Carpet. And here’s the transcript of what Marion said to Kate Winslet during the recent

Mar 2009
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Here a list of pictures I’ve recently added to the Movies & Public Appearances sections of the gallery: Movies 001 La Guerre dans le Haut Pays – Stills 015 Du Bleu Jusqu’en Amérique – Screencaptures > Trailer 001 Jeux d’enfants – Stills 003 Fair Play – Stills I also replaced a few stills with HQ versions 005 A Good Year – Official Wallpaper Public Appearances 009 ‘La Môme’ Premiere –