81st Academy Awards

Wow! That was a beautiful & entertaining show! Hugh Jackman can host the Oscars every year from now on if I have a say. They did break with the afore-mentioned tradition of having last year’s Best Actress present Best Actor. But I wasn’t sad at all as they really had the genius idea of assembling 5 previous winners of the same category on stage and have each address one nominee personally. So when it was time to announce this year’s Best Actress Marion Cotillard together with Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Sophia Loren and Shirley MacLaine appeared on stage. Marion movingly paid tribute to Kate Winslet and also ended up handing her the well deserved statuette.

Marion looked dazzingly beautiful in a night-blue/black Dior Couture dress, Dior shoes and matching Chopard jewellery. She was accompanied by Guillaume Canet and was seated just behind Amy Adams and Meryl Streep in the second row pretty much in front of the podium during the ceremony. I know there are already pictures available but I need my sleep right now and will probably put them – as well as videos – online tomorrow evening. Until then preview some pics at Just Jared and GettyImages.


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  1. Well, Marion talking about Kate Winslet and then presenting her the Oscar just about made my night. What a great moment ! I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for Kate for months, she had to win. 🙂 I loved the show, too, much more than I expected. And I agree, Hugh Jackman needs to come back. Marion looked beautiful, but I didn’t see her in the audience. If she was in the second row, I must have been blind or something… I need my sleep too…

  2. Well, what can I say, Marion brings haute-couture to the Oscars – well not literally. But I have to say that I wasn’t expecting her in a gown such as the one she wore last night. Love the colour – very bold.

    But her royal blue dress at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, well what can I say – C’est tres magnique!

  3. It was such a wonderful moment. And I might have teared up a bit.

    Hoping she attended some parties so we get more pics.

    Can probably expect her back next year though for Nine

  4. Marion looked exquisite last night and Guillaume was incredibly handsome. They make such a beautiful couple! I loved spotting them behind Meryl Streep through the show.

    And seeing Marion rhapsodize about Kate Winslet was magnificent, and to see her in the company of such greats as Sophia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Nicole Kidman and Halle Berry–what a treat! So happy that Kate won!

  5. you know i wasn’t a big fan of this year’s look ’cause it does her beauty no justic…it’s a huge change from last year’s dress when she looked so vibrant and youthful. i love the couture dior dress but the makeup and hair should’ve reflected her fresh radiance better, instead it was dark and harshly matte. the look would be more finished if her hair was sleeked down or as a side ponytail and with lighter glowing makeup.

    that’s just me!

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