Editorial by Marion Cotillard

Originally published in Elle (France), February 21, 2009

translated by Ioana

Dear Readers,

We have great powers. We have the power to destroy unknowingly, to provoke and guarantee our environment’s destruction, and, thus, our own. But then, we also have the power to stop this destruction, to preserve life, to see what’s going on in front of us, a few steps away. We have the power to take responsibility for the imbalance that we create ourselves.

All our actions have an impact, a consequence on the planet, on life. Positive sometimes, negative most of the time. We are powerful and we have the power to really act. We have been offered solutions: let’s embrace them. The little changes in our daily behaviour can make a great difference. It only takes one second to wake up, just a second in which we decide to act differently.

Let us educate ourselves, let us recycle, use water with moderation, switch off the electric appliances when we don’t need them. We should choose low consumption ones: these actions also help us improve our finances. Why not take advantage of that? Let’s replace the plastic bags with the reusable ones, let’s eat less meat, if possible. We should especially eat local and bio food, according to the seasons. If we want a new car, let’s choose an economical one. Public transportation and sharing the same vehicle are also possible solutions. Let’s not be indifferent to the destruction of the biodiversity. Let’s plant trees, in order to protect ourselves!

More and more people become aware, and this is very good news. It’s a joy to live in harmony with this planet and it’s not so complicated. When you send out positive energy, it comes back, it’s basic mathematics. Let’s invest in the preservation of life ! The ecological disaster is one of the reasons for world poverty. Add to this the fact that the great riches of our planet are not shared, and we become responsible for the terrible situation of vulnerable populations, like that of Bangladesh, for instance. Everything is interdependent. Today, we are 6,5 billion human beings. There will be 9 billion of us in 2050.

With great power comes great responsibility. It’s rehab hour! Let us reeducate our behaviour! I make an appeal to all the readers of this magazine: ignorance and indifference are plagues. Faced with an urgent situation that we have provoked ourselves, we have the opportunity to become a greater conscience, together. It’s a chance we have to take. Now. “Be yourself the change that you want to see in the world”. (Gandhi)


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