Marion arrived in LA for Oscars

In recent weeks we’ve heard a lot about the all new Oscars – how the ceremony will be different and especially no presenters were confirmed. Of course it seemed highly unlikely that Marion Cotillard wouldn’t be on the list but we couldn’t be sure. No need to worry though, apparently Marion arrived in LA and is all set to appear on stage this coming Sunday – but even she doesn’t know – yet – which award she’ll present at what moment:

Oscar Week is here, and so are the stars. Many of them are staying at the Chateau Marmont including last year’s Best Actress Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose). I ran into her last night in the lobby of the famed West Hollywood hotel. She told me she’s been so busy making films since she won the Oscar “I haven’t been home in a year!” Cotillard will present an award on Sunday’s show although she’s not sure which one or what point in the proceedings. “They haven’t told us anything yet!”
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So be sure to tune into the Academy Awards ceremony this Sunday, February 22!

Even though I have a strict “No paparazzi pictures” policy here on the site I’d like to point out this entry on a Marion Cotillard LiveJournal with pictures of Marion arriving in LA. She looks happy and doesn’t seem to mind being photographed.

She’s also all set to attend Prince’s post-Oscar bash:

Prince didn’t know he was having an Oscar party — until he read about it in the papers.

The singer was in the middle of band rehearsals when he saw a story that claimed he was throwing “the Oscar bash of the century.”

The musician finally decided to host an Academy Awards bash after Marion Cotillard — who won last year’s Oscar for Bestt Actress for her portrayal of a French singer in La Vie en Rose — called to RSVP to “the Purple Party.”

Not only will Prince host, but he will also be allowing a film crew to record the whole event for release on his upcoming website,

The party will take place after the awards ceremony this Sunday.
• source: US Magazine


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