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Marion Cotillard’s upcoming movie, the Michael Mann directed “Public Enemies” starring Johnny Depp, was test screened last Thursday (Feb 12) in Sherman Oaks, CA. It was a blind screening, which means that they didn’t give the name of the film when soliciting for moviegoers. /Film compiled some reviews that subsequently appeared online. Here the Marion related parts:

Marion Cotillard was excellent as well. She and Depp had believable chemistry but I couldn’t tell what her accent was supposed to be. Some words didn’t have any accents at all while others sounded like her normal speaking voice. I will have to say that by the she surprised me very much. She has the final scene in the movie and it ended well. (I will say that she surprised me even more because I thought she wasn’t *THAT GREAT* in La Vie En Rose–Nom? Yes. Oscar win for that movie? No.)
• by MovieTVWatcher

Loved the paring of him with Cotilliard–she was excellent too and a nice complement to Johnny’s Dillinger. I thought the acting all around excellent!
• Donna from JohnnyDeppreads

And he does dance one dance with Billie. But he starts off telling her, “I don’t know how to dance”. … Now that we’re onto Billie, Marion Cotilliard really grew on me. They were good together. I loved the scene where JD went after Billie at her job. Watch for that one! And the love scene was good. But typical Johnny, in clothes. But for most of it we only saw him from the shoulders and up.
• by BuccaRoux

Everyone seemed to like the love story, but they wanted a little more character development with Billie. They really liked the scene at the coat check counter a lot and how Dillinger just completely charmed Billie into going back to the hotel with him. (And yeah, I think we ALL would’ve gone with him – he was that charming!) And he gave her a gift – which Billie probably felt she didn’t deserve, but it was symbolic of how he wanted to protect her. And when they capture her, she protects him. Really nice theme going throughout. I have to say that the scene when they do capture Billie and take her away is just gutwrenching. To watch Johnny’s face go through all the emotions he’s feeling is just incredible.
• by Ginger

Marion Cotillard. What can I say other that she’s beautiful and talented. There is definitely some chemistry between her and Depp which made their brief love affair believable.
• by Cutelittleartist


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