Day: December 12, 2008

Lady Dior – Making Of & Interview

I’ve made screencaptures of the Making Of & Marion Cotillard interview to be found on There are some exceptionally breathtaking shots of Marion to be admired in the videos. The interview can be watched with English subtitles as well.

p.s. The Making Of actually should also help silence the rumour that Marion wasn’t actually on the Eiffel Tower when photographed for the campaign. She clearly was.

‘The Reader’ Screening

Earlier tonight Marion Cotillard attended a private screening of “The Reader” and was pictured with its leading lady – who’s actually another one of my favourite actresses – Kate Winslet! I’ll try finding untagged pictures soon but in the meantime see some tagged pictures over at GettyImages.

[edit:] Added HQ pictures to the gallery:
07 ‘The Reader’ Private Screening