Early review of “Public Enemies”

Ain’t It Cool News have a very early review up – it’s tentatively optimistic. Since the reviewer didn’t get to see the final product yet he advises: “it’s probably just better to wait until next summer and not know anything about it when you go in.” So read at your own peril. Here the Marion related part:

The best part is the love story between Dillinger and actress Marion Cotillard from La Vie en Rose, who plays a bright girl leading a fairly simple life who Dillinger falls in love with (rather quickly – but it’s humorous and it works). Their relationship is well developed and the most effective storyline, interleaved well in to the movie as to not take away from the action for too long… which is important because that is what michael mann does best and there’s plenty of it in this movie.

Thanks patel for the heads up!


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